How to Comment

Anywhere you go on the internet, you will find trolls, or people who leave rude comments and try to start arguments. You can find these people anywhere, from news articles to blogs to online videos. Today I will focus on rude comments left on blogs, 4 type of practices which are inappropriate,4 ways practices needed to write proper comments, and other general things to watch out for when writing comments.

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Inappropriate Comments

There are 4 things you could do when writing comments which would be inappropriate. These practices include using a fake name/ nickname, putting links in them, not sticking to the topic, and not reading the whole blog before commenting.

When you are blogging, you are writing from your point of view, and for people to be able to connect to that, you need to use your real name. Using a pseudonym makes it feel to some people that you aren’t being genuine, and it’s just common courtesy to use your real name.

If you put links to websites, or your own blog without being asked to, it will make it look like you are just advertising your own blog, and don’t care for the blog you commented on.

Comments on a blog are meant for you to relate to the blog, or comment about it in some way, it is not a place for you to rant about something completely off topic.

Also, many people leave comments on a blog after just reading the title, or briefly skimming the blog, and many times the comment has questions about information mentioned in the blog, and that makes it very frustrating for the blogger when they’re constantly having to reply to such comments.

Appropriate Comments

Along with practices you need to avoid when writing comments, there are also 4 things you need in order to help write an appropriate comment. These practices include using a real avatar image, keep it simple , be respectful, know what you’re talking about, and make a point.

When writing a comment, you don’t want to say random stuff to get your point across, that just makes your comment long and deters people from reading it. You have to keep it simple and not too long.

Another thing to remember is that when you’re writing a comment, people know that you’re writing it, and if you say rude things, people will have a negative outlook on you, and that will affect your reputation online.

Another thing to tie into your online reputation, you need to know what you’re talking about because you don’t want to seem like a moron.

Finally, you also need to make a point with your comment. This can be anything from thanking the blogger for their post to sharing your point of view on the topic. When you have a point in your head about what you’re gonna write, it also makes commenting easier.


Some other general things to remember when leaving comments are having an appropriate avatar, as in using an image of yourself, or a custom gravatar. Also, you should use your real name, and a link to your email as a courtesy to the blogger.


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