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In this day and age, technology had become a part of all of our lives to some extent, whether it’s to use social media, for work related purposes, or for entertainment. It has gotten to a point where people use technology more than we interact in the real world, and many people say this habit has become a dangerous addiction. A lot of people are now ‘unplugging’ themselves from the internet. I personally do believe that technology is becoming an addiction to humans in general, and needs to be helped, but that doesn’t mean cutting off from technology all together, but rather limit how often we use it.

There is pretty solid proof that being plugged in can have negative effects on people, such as limiting our contact with physical people, and since humans are social creatures, they need those interactions with people. A study by ICMPA, and the University of Maryland, asked 200 students to go without technology, and it highlights 5 main points of this study. The 2 main points I believe were that the description students gave of their experience resembled that of other addicts, also, that students felt that going without was akin to not going without friends or family.

Why We Use It

I think the main reason why people use technology as much as they do now is mainly due to the shift into a more digitalized era, but there are different reasons as to why some people are now addicted to it. According to addiction.com, is because of the environment they are put in, and because of their personality. They say that those who are addicted to the internet are likely suffering from low self-esteem, and anxiety, and use the internet to connect to people in an anonymous fashion. Another reason is that people get stressed from jobs and tend to get addicted to the internet because of it. This addiction is for the most part going unnoticed, mainly due to the culture we have cultivated, which encourages use of technology.


Addiction to the internet can lead to many serious repercussions in our daily lives, among which are health risks, social isolation, safety concerns, interference with daily life, and other addictions.

Health Risks

When people are addicted to the internet, they spend less time outside, which results in them getting less exercise, and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other health risks. Other risks may be poor eyesight, and bad posture, as they are constantly staring at a computer screen, and sitting down.

Social Isolation

When people spend all their time connecting with people over the internet, they don’t develop the ability to connect to people, and that ability is crucial in this day and age if you want a job. Social Isolation also causes people to be prone to aggressive or suicidal behavior.

Advantages of Technology

Technology has its downside, but the advantages of it are numerous. It allows for better communication with people, easy access to information, social networking, entertainment, and encourages innovation.

Here are some ways people can unplug.


What do you think about unplugging?





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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Sarmad. The picture at the top of your blog could be smaller so that the writing isn’t displayed in one or two word lines.


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