End of Dark Souls!

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.                              -Albert Einstein

I am a person who really enjoys playing video games, I have played countless video games, but the game series I enjoy the most is Dark Souls. This series stands apart from almost every mainstream game in circulation. It, in my opinion, affected how new games were made.

Most games that people play today are very simple. The plot is very linear, it doesn’t create an immersive feeling when playing the game. They focus on the killing, and graphical effects of the game rather than making a world that the player would be immersed in. Dark Souls on the other hand creates a world of mystery and exploration that creates an interconnected world, which while playing, dramatically changes the atmosphere of the game. While other games give you the background of the story in a bland fashion by explaining everything to you, Dark Souls basically puts you in the world without any guidance and you have to find out the story by exploring the world.

The thing that Dark Souls is most known for is being an unforgiving game, it advertises itself as a extremely difficult game. The first game was called Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. This game has made me rage quit countless times. There was even one time when I raged and cheated to get the best equipment in the game, and level up to 9000, and I still had a difficult time completing the game. That just goes to show the incredible mechanics of the game. The game at first may seem unforgiving, but if you take an in depth look at it, it is not unfair at all. Some people may claim that a game should have a story that is easy to know about, but I say that it doesn’t. The game uses a person’s curiosity to make them try and find the story line and understand it. This type of story telling is much more true to real life, since in real life, the world is complicated and to find out about it, you have to find out about it your self.

Apart from the incredible game mechanics, Dark Souls is also very visually appealing game. The graphics greatly influence the atmosphere of the game. It shows a world which has been completely destroyed. All the buildings have been turned to rubble, all the people have become hollowed (zombie), and you have to basically try to save this world, or if you follow a certain story line, you can let the darkness consume the world. The story of dark souls can be explained in this short video.

via. Flickr

While Dark Souls is a game that seems completely detached from reality, there are some lessons which can be learned from it.  The biggest one is that life isn’t fair. In the game, you have to go against enemies which don’t fight fairly, you get tricked by the game with signs that tell you to jump into pits of fire. Another lesson is to not trust appearances. In the game, you come across chests which in any other game would indicate treasure, while in dark souls it is sometimes just a mimic. These creatures take the appearance of a chest and kill you when you try to open them. The fighting mechanic in the game also provide a useful lesson, which is that you can try to kill everything in your way recklessly and die, or you can play it smart, which is more rewarding.

Over all, Dark Souls is one of the best games in existence, and has had affected almost all games that came after it. Have you guys played Dark Souls? What do you think of it? Are you gonna play it now? What game do you think is the best?


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