Making An App

Picture by Sean MacEntee via. Flickr

For my IP 10 class, all the students got a choice on something they could pursue in the last month of school. My friend and I decided to try our hand at making a very simple gaming app. We decided to make an app because both of us are interested in both programming and gaming, so we decided to make a gaming app and the type of game we decided to make is a text based adventure game. The idea for the game was based on a game we very much were intrigued by, which is Lifeline.

We started our project by first deciding which software we were going to use to make our game. We tried many different ones such as Appery, Game Salad, and some other ones. After a few days of searching, we decided to use Unity Engine. We decided on it because out of all of the other software, it was one of the most simple ones, and was made in order to create games, unlike most of the other ones which were designed for apps in general. There was another software which we were going to use, which is Buildbox, but we couldn’t since the price was too rich for our blood. After we chose Unity, we decided to try to play around with it for a few days to try to figure it out. That became really difficult, we at first thought that creating an app would be easy, but after exploring Unity a little, we realized the truth. Just to show how complicated it is without prior knowledge of anything, it took a few days just to figure out how to put an image in.

For this week we have decided to explore unity even more and try to familiarize ourselves with it through practice and tutorials online. While doing this we might change our objective of making a text based game to a simple 2d scroller. We are considering this because in Unity, in order to make objects in games, you need to download assets, which include things such as characters, objects and other things used to create a game; and in Unity there are plenty of assets about 2d games, but not any about text based games. If it turns out in the future that we can’t make a text game, then we’ll change our idea. Also, we are open to the idea of changing our software if a more simple one is found at a reasonable price.

Do you guys have any suggestions about different software we could use to make our app?


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