Making an App: Week 3

This week in it’s entirety went really well. It began as usual, playing around with Unity and looking at tutorials. It started to become apparent that it would become much more difficult to continue using Unity as it would require real, more advanced coding to continue using some of it’s features, such as parallax scrolling. While we were discovering this, my partner decided to check out Buildbox on the side as a back up, and this turned into a huge success.

Buildbox was a bit expensive, $84 per month, however it is really simple to use. My partner, from only watching 4 tutorial videos, made a almost complete game, which was better than anything we could have done in Unity with our current knowledge of coding. Buildbox offered a more simple approach, it allowed you to choose the genre of game you wanted to make, then it made a basic outline of the game and allowed you to put everything you wanted in it. It was one of the simplest pieces of software I had ever seen.

This did however put us in a dilemma, we initially said our project was about exploring Unity, but now we wanted to switch to Buildbox, but didn’t want the last few weeks of work to be wasted. That’s why we decided to make our project about exploring both Unity and Buildbox and comparing the 2 software applications in terms of usability, price, prior knowledge required, etc.

via. Flickr, Bago Games

For the following week, we’re really exited about using Buildbox, not only because of how easy it is to use, but because it is also the software used to create one of the most popular games in the mobile game market; this is Color Switch. Both my partner and I think that if we work hard we could make a proper app, not just for our class project, but to publish and make money off of.


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