Making an App: Final Week

For this final week, my partner explored buildbox and I just did some more things with Unity. We both couldn’t work on it since only one person could use it at a time unless I wanted to buy a separate account. My partner made several strides in making his game. I also watched some tutorials on buildbox which showed that buildbox is much easier to use than Unity. Unity, as I learned this wee, requires you to have extensive knowledge in coding in order to make anything worthwhile yourself. Buildbox doesn’t require any coding, but is limited to the parameters that are set in it. Unity allows you to make a game according to your imagination. You can make a First Person Shooter, 2D platformer, and many other types of games.

For the presentation, my partner and I will both compare Unity and Buildbox. We will talk about it a little in a small introduction, and then do live demonstrations to the best of our abilities. I will use Unity, since I have basically no knowledge in coding, I will only be able to show the most basic components of Unity. My partner using Buildbox will show how to make a game with Buildbox.

via. my computer
via. my computer


After the project is over, I’m considering learning coding in c# on Microsoft Visual Studios. I think it will be a good learning experience and help me in university since if I want to go into engineering, I would need to learn it anyway. It will also help me be able to learn how to use Unity and that might give me a good hobby over the summer.


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